Before the stars were born
No eyes but mine
To fill you with feeling
In every place unfolding
Beginning and never ending
This one word repeating
Love love love love
Beneath the skin cascading
Eyes closed behind the sun
Nothing to do with life or death
Set my being on a raft
A universe drifts in my wake
Sailing out from the silent dark
Mother and father asleep in me
Before and after the gift of dawn
I begin and begin again
Always beginning in every place
Always and everywhere arriving
Opening and never closing
Gazing out from the depths
Setting light to the world
No teaching
No promise waiting to be fulfilled
No heart no eye no crown
No tumbling nor standing still
Defenceless speechless
I hear every your every prayer  
You who are alive
This the cover I wear
This hand I hold
This breath within the world
So far the stars above me
So perfect the moon and I
The sun echoes through me
Innocent the flame
I bear no challenge
Carry no secrets
Harbour no delights
Let the world make itself
Everything swimming together
You and I in the greatest detail
My shape your shape
At every turn my invitation
Beside you at the crossing
With love that never falters
Accept yourself completely
And I will fall into you again
For without you I am blind